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A logical and pragmatic way to an innovative organization

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  • Learn what innovation is, get to know the types, definitions and models to execute innovation.
  • Get to know the Innovation Framework and how you can organize this within your organization.
  • Inspiring and pragmatical examples in 13 powerful and easy to read chapters.

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“A fresh look at Innovation in theory, and a handhold for adaptation in contemporary practice.”

Rault Harmeling

Innovation Director, CGI

“Many innovation books are about models and remain abstract. In this book, innovation is put into practice through the model. A ‘call to action’.”

Marcel Wilschut

Innovation Manager, Albert Schweitzer Hospital

“This book is much more than just another book on innovation. It captures the vision, strategy and tools for innovation; not from a theoretical point of view, but based on a lot of experience”

Peter de Haas

CEO, Breinwave